Leasowe Library Children’s Art Club

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On Monday, I was really pleased to attend the Children’s Art Club display at Leasowe Library.   The artists had followed Picasso, Chagall and Lichtenstein (new ones on me!) and the kids, and the parents I met, were rightly proud of all their work.  I’ve always thought our community has some very talented children and students – they just need the opportunity to prove it!  Congratulations to everyone involved – not least Gemma from the Library for organising the event.

Video nasty: the abseil that raised £500 for @wirralhospice

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me (so far!) for my abseil at Leasowe Lighthouse yesterday.   Thanks (I think) also to the people who turned up to watch, even the young daughter of one sponsor who shouted ‘jump!’

As of today, we’ve hit the target of £500 for Wirral Hospice St Johns.  That was just the sponsorship for me – the other 16 abseilers for the Hospice will hopefully raise much more.

 Thanks to Anne Marie Hewlett (Chair of the West Way Square Tenants and Residents Association) for the video and Karl Mercer (Crash Radio) for the ‘man with the camera’…images now on Facebook!


Good news on broadband rollout in Moreton and Leasowe

Good news on the campaign for better broadband in Moreton and Leasowe.  In fact, for anyone using the BT ‘Cabinet 45′ on the ‘Arrowebrook Exhange’. 

Following my contact with BT, they undertook a full review of the latest delays in the roll out of fibre broadband in this area.   On investigation, the Leasowe cabinet 45 (Arrowebrook,) was delayed as a result of ‘operational matters’. BT has since held several meetings with Wirral Council and agreed a corrective action plan.

BT has now re-scheduled the work and have set a target date for completion by July 2014.

Thanks to those residents who contacted me on this issue and to BT and the Council for their swift response to my requests.

Abseiling tomorrow for Wirral Hospice

Sometime after 3pm tomorrow there may be a vacancy for a councillor in Leasowe & Moreton East.   Yup, the big day has arrived when I will be abseiling to help raise money for the fantastic work that goes on at Wirral Hospice St Johns.  Like every other hospice, it’s there for when we have family members who are in the last days and weeks of their lives.  I know how much they helped my family and so, the least I can do, is throw myself off Leasowe Lighthouse, all 100 or so feet of it. 

If you would like to donate, click here.  Thank you so much to the 14 people who have donated £268 to this great cause.

Supporting the Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels

April 14 Birkenhead Kennels

Four years ago, when I was a fresh-faced new (brief) member of the Council’s Cabinet, one of the first issues to land on the desk was a petition against the previous Council’s plan to close the Birkenhead Council Kennels.

So, along with another councillor, we went along to the kennels to meet with the petitioners and staff to see what could be done.  The petitioners were so passionate that I suggested they set up a ‘friends’ group – along the lines of the successful groups in many parks.

A little while ago, the new Cabinet wanted to again close the kennels and transfer the responsibility to Knowsley.  That would have meant more dogs would have been put down.

Four years down the line, and the Friends of Birkenhead Council Kennels are set to take over the running of the kennels.  They are looking for volunteers, as well as donations of:

  • bedding – washable blankets, plastic blankets, bath towels
  • toys and treats for the dogs
  • Dog food donations – tinned, any brand

If you would like to get involved, call Antje Tucker on 07799 194657

Thanks to Antje and the other volunteers, and the staff led by Hazel, for taking the time to show myself and some colleagues around the kennels this week.

If you are interested in rehoming a dog from the kennels, take a look at some of the dogs currently at the kennels here


Flytipping on Ditton Lane

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As one of the (few) unadopted roads in the area, most of Ditton Lane is not maintained by the Town Hall.  It’s a privately owned road that has open land on either side.

Sadly, that seems to be an open invitation to any scrote who doesn’t want to pay for industrial waste or house clearance rubbish to be disposed of properly.

These images, supplied by a resident to me today, are one of the worst examples of this.  It is a deliberate attempt to dump rubbish, knowing that someone else will pick up the bill.

So I’ve contacted the Director at the Town Hall and asked, not just for the rubbish to be removed, but that they search for any identifying evidence.  Last summer, this guy was caught and fined.  Let’s see if we can get the same action in our area.

For more information on what to do about fly tipping, check out the page on the Council website here.

In the meantime, thanks to Andy, Chrissy, Sue and Amy who have been in contact with me over this problem.

It’s back! Youth Nights…

After a break of a few months, we’re starting the Monday night ‘Youth Nights’ at the Leasowe Community Centre again.  With the support of the committee that runs the Community Centre, as well as the Youth Federation and some willing volunteers, we will be offering Monday nights, between 7pm and 9pm.  Thanks to everyone who is helping in this way!  We’re starting with a night for anyone who is volunterring with us (either once a week, every other week or once a month) to go through all the policies, procedures and CRB checks and then, at long last, reopening…