Gardenside, Leasoweside and Fordhill View

gardenside%201942I have today contacted the Council about the very poor condition of Gardenside – the road that connects Leasowe Road to Twickenham Drive.  It’s very potholed and no doubt the frost hasn’t helped but it does need attention.  The road surface wouldn’t be out of place in the image above (taken in 1942)*

I’ve also asked (as I did when I was last a councillor) what can be done about the poor drainage (‘ponding’ in the lingo) at the junction of Leasoweside and Leasowe Road near the post box.

Ahead of my meeting on Thursday with Wirral Partnership Homes, I’ve also asked the Council about the request to rename Fordhill View.  The residents who have contacted me do not want their cul-de-sac renamed and I’m interested to know why this has come up now. 

Finally, I will be meeting with officers in the Technical Services Department on Wednesday 27 February.  If you have any issues with roads, pavements, drains, crossings or other highways-related issues, let me know - use the email

*Thanks to Wirral History for the image

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