Good news on allotments

AllotmentsFor the last three years (or is it four?), I have been working to set up the first community allotments for Moreton and Leasowe.  Over this time, we have identified the land (next to the Boxing Club on Twickenham Drive); spoken to the neighbours; notified everyone locally on the council’s waiting list; set up the Leasowe Community Allotment Society; put together our plans; applied for money and generally got things moving along.

The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee all came together to develop the plans and have met usually twice a month.  As is the way in anything like this, you have to be patient (and anyone who knows me will know I am not the most patient of people) and prepared to tackle each bureaucratic hurdle as it arises. 

The main hurdle, so far, has been getting the Council to agree to lease the land to us and so, during a call to the Cabinet Member for Corporate Rescources, I was pleased to be told that he had agreed and that the lease was being signed.  This means we can now get ‘on site’ and the first job will be the fencing, followed by public liability insurance and getting the 29 or so plots into use. 

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 20 February and anyone who is interested in becoming a plot holder is welcome to come along.

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